DDOS Attack, Wednesday 29th January

At approximately 4am (HKT), a DDOS attack was deteced. Our network remained accessible throughout the attack however perfromance during the initial stages of the attack may not have been as good as generally expected. The attacking IPs have been blocked and the network is currently operating within normal parameters.The server DAHK2, although not ... Read More »

29th Jan 2014
Network Outage

At around 11PM, Saturday 25January, our network suffered a severe outage. The cause was found to be a faulty virtual network switch in a VPS node. Although a ‘broadcast storm’ had been experienced, the internal network issue had also affected our core switch and routers. It was not clear as to which device was the root cause of the ... Read More »

26th Jan 2014
CPHK1 Database Error Resolved

CPHK1 has successfully been restored to good working order with the latest updates to MySQL and related servers/applications.

Should your account reside on CPHK1 and have any problems with the upgrades, please contact us and we will do our best to resolve any lingering issues.

17th Jan 2014
CPHK1 Database Error

Server CPHK1 in our Fanling data centre is currently experiencing MySQL Server errors.Errors were first detected under 5.1 which has been reported to contain bugs and as of December 2013 was no longer supported. This has now been upgraded to version 5.5.Having upgraded the MySQL database, we are currently facing a mismatch of mysqlclient and PHP ... Read More »

17th Jan 2014