VPS Node Repaired

Following the power outage at 9:30am on March 25th, the VPS node SVR67, hosting primarily the HK-KVM-Promo plans, was repaired and brought back online at around 4am, March 26th.

All VPS on the affected node should now be online and fully operational.

For any concenrs or queries, please feel free to contact us via our Ticket Help Desk.

27 mars 2018
UPS Failure

On Saturday 24th March 2018 at aproximately 11pm and Sunday 25th March 2018 at aproximately  10am, there were partial outages at our Hong Kong Data Center.1 UPS, used for 4 racks, apears to have failed, resulting in power outages in the affeceted racks. The power outages would have lasted only 2-3 minutes prior to our on-site diesel generator ... En savoir plus »

26 mars 2018
Power Maintenance Work - Sunday 25th March

On Sunday 25th March, our building's power will under inspection and maintenance. Maintenance work is scheduled to begin at 9:30 AM and last until 5PM.We are committed to continue providing uniterupted service throughout this period, and have a generator for our power needs for the entire duration. We have scheduled a full service of our ... En savoir plus »

21er mars 2018
New NAT VPS Node Setup Complete

Following the hardware failure with VPS Node C029, a new node has been setup and VMs created.

All affected users should now have a new working VPS now, running on the new node.

For any users still experiencing problems, please contact us via the ticket system.

6 mars 2018
NAT VPS Node- HDD Failure

Regretabbly, the VPS Node C029 has experienced a hard drive failure. As a result, all NAT on the node will need to be recreated on a new node. A new node is expected to be up and running within 1 working day, and each VM will be recreated manually.Further updates will be made available on our announcements page. However, if you have any concerns ... En savoir plus »

5 mars 2018